About Us

About Us

Bristle Cone Nursery owned by Leon & Elize Scholtz and family, is set in the Cradle of Humankind in the Skeerpoort, Hartbeeshoek area.

We are specializing in unusual and popular plants, ranging from cold hardy exotic and indigenous plants to water wise and desert plants.

We have been growing and breeding plants for the past 30 years and have many cultivars sold all over the world that originated in our nursery including Euonymus 'Gold Dust;, Verbena 'Red Cassade', Canna "Black Night', Callistermon 'Hot Pink', Agapanthus 'Patriot', 'Adiago', 'Azure Blue' and many more.

Environmental Stewardship

Our aim is to work as close to nature as possible. Biological control is preferred and pesticides and chemicals are used as the last resort, and a bare minimum. Organic compost and fertilizers are used in all stages of production. We conserve and utilize water as best possible and our tree farm is probably the leader in the field for water conservation and recycling.

Our Plants

We source our plants and plant selections from all over the world. Our aim is to grow plants suitable for our environment. Trails for new or improved selections are grown on the farm and selected for production if suitable.

We specialize in plants in general with the emphasis on trendy plants for landscapers, indigenous plants for rehabilitation and indigenous projects and connoisseur plants for collectors and the Niche Market.

Greener Solutions

We have reduced the use of chemicals as much as possible, our soil used is made of recycled bark and compost and we fertilize our soil with slow release fertilizer using only organic products. All our plants are hand weeded, it is very labour intensive but much safer for the environment than herbicides.

The main aim with new plant selections is to find plants that are more disease resistant, more water wise and more compact and tidy to reduce clipping or cutting back too often. We recommend mulching of all plants after planting to reduce loss of water and weed growth.

Garden and Trail Gardens

The property was purchased in 1988 and was at that sage a vegetable farm. This was a perfect site for a nursery and a garden as space at that stage was not a problem. The garden existed of a couple of old trees close to 100 years old and a lawn. Over the past 20 years the garden and trail beds took shape and at this stage have reached maturity. The garden consists of areas dedicated to specific plant groups as well as a mix of textures, plant types and colours.

Good specimens of cold hardy trees, shrubs and groundcovers can be seen.

Collections of ornamental grasses, Bamboos, Maples, Water plants and marginal plants and plants for shade can be seen. Trail beds of new Hemerocallis 'Day Lilies' and Agapanthus hybrids can also be seen (in season). Our aim with the garden is not only to inspire Gardeners and Nursery-man but to show them how big the plants grow and how to use them with other plants in the garden. Our trail beds also show off our latest plants for production as well as new plants. Plants that do not make the grade end up as compost.

SANA Merit Award - Leon Scholtz
SANA Young Grower of the Year - Dewald Scholtz


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