Agave & Succulents

Agave & Succulents

Looking for plants that use no extra water once established? Well then, start looking at Agave's, Dazylirion, Nolina, Beaucarnea and some Aloe species!

I like to describe them as modern plants or living sculptures. As they fit in well with their symmetrical shapes in minimalistic modern designs. These plants make wonderful container plants and should you forget to water them they will not just survive but look great.

In nature these plants never grow on their own and the appropriate perennials, grasses and groundcovers make good companion plants.

One could use some colourful succulents too as it is easier to weed and maintain them, plus they also won't need a lot of water. We grow a limited range of Aloes as they tend to have lots of natural predators and need regular spraying to keep scale, snow weed, rust and mites under control. Agave;s, Yucca, Dazylition and the rest of this family son;t have this problem.

These plants make incredible landscape specimens have year round visual interest and only looks better as they mature.

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