Merit Award - Leon Scholtz

For more than a decade he has been a strong supporter of the SANA Trade Fairs and a regular exhibiter.. He has become a valuable member of the Working for Water team and regularly challenges the status quo on issues relating to biodiversity. The Merit Award recognizes his passion, not only for SANA, but also for the green industry.

Young Grower of the Year 2013 - Dewald Scholtz

Dewald is 27 year's of age and responsible for growing and producing indigenous trees, form plants and summer colour at Bristle Cone Nursery. He trained and worked at the Hilliers Nursery Group in England for two years in 2004 and 2005. Aside from being responsible for the quality control of the product, he is also responsible for producing and growing. He manages the Bosfontein Growers Area of the Bristle Cone Nursery in Brits and is solely responsible for the production, management and staff of the farm.

He is also a member of the IPPS and is especially interested in the growth, production and quality control of his product. He has an outstanding rapport with his staff and is a very trustworthy person. He is truly an asset to the trade.

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