When we look at a Bamboo plant or a grove it evokes a lush tropical feeling or atmosphere. There is no other plant that has all the qualities of a Bamboo.

They are living breathing moving screens or very stately modern plants ideal to use in the landscape.

Bamboos are giant grasses all related to rice. All of them are edible or made use of as a food source, building material, furniture or as an ornamental plant.

Africa has many species of Bamboo and South Africa also has one remaining specie on the brink of extinction due to fires and over grazing "Thamnocalamus Tessellatus: or better known as "Berg Bamboes" from the Drakensberg.

We do a range of clumping and spreading Bamboo. Some plants only grow 20cm high and some plants that will grow up to 18 meters in height. They make super plants for Modern Gardens or Ornamental and Balinese style Gardens.



Related to Bamboo are the most adaptable and wide spread plants in the world. We do a range of ornamental South African grasses as well as a range of colourful and evergreen grasses. From all over the world.


For land reclamation and wetland planting we produce plugs, splits and small plants.

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