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Ornamental tree. +/- 7m. Beautiful Autumn coloured foliage. Ideal for small gardens.

Deciduous. Sun. Hardy.

Compact small tree. 3-4m. Cold hardy. Deciduous. Yellow autumn foliage. Full sun.

Medium size Maple tree. +/- 7m. Bright golden foliage in summer. Deciduous. Hardy.

Medium size tree. 4-6m rounded shape. Red Autumn foliage late in Winter. Fast Growing. Frost Hardy.


Medium size tree. 4x4m. Sun or semi-shade. Frost Hardy. Deciduous. Good autumn colours. Ideal for

its texture in small gardens.

Small tree. 2-m. Ideal for small shaped cool gardens.

(We grow a selection of cultivars - contact us for more information)

Medium size tree. 4-6m. Rounded shape. Deciduous with large round leaves. Good Autumn colour.

Medium size deciduous tree. 3-6m High. Bright red autumn foliage. Cold hardy.

A medium sized, white stemmed tree. Deciduous. Hardy. Adventitious roots.

Semi evergreen shade tree. 4x6m. Drought resistant. Pink flowers. Semi-Hardy.

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