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Evergreen. 30cm. Frost hardy grass with a wonderful liquorice smell if crushed.

Clump forming plant. 10-20cm. Striped yellow foliage. Evergreen. Sun or Shade. Hardy.

Variegated foliage. Clump forming plant. 20cm. Evergreen. Sun or Shade.

Soft evergreen grass ideal for a lush Tropical look. Cold hardy. White plumes. 1x1m.

Cosmopolitan and Indigenous evergreen grass. Ideal for full sun. Cold hardy. Soft green foliage all year.


Small evergreen grass. Cold hardy. Ideal for mass planting. Indigenous.

Compact evergreen grass soft green foliage. 10x20cm. Ideal for semi shade and very cold hardy.

Tall evergreen grass. 75cm high. Soft foliage. Sun or Shade. Frost hardy.

Evergreen cold hardy grass. Full sun or semi-shade. Bronze red foliage. 30x30cm.

A small carex with bronze foliage turning brown in winter. 40x40cm. Frost hardy. Full Sun.

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