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NEW! Evergreen creeper for full sun or shade. Bright green foliage and fragrant orange flowers in Spring. Hardy.

An evergreen creeper for sun or half shade. Frost hardy. Pink flowers in Summer. Ideal for screening purposes.

Back by popular demand. Large leaf Ivy. Ideal as a groundcover or creeper. Cold hardy. Fast growing.

Fast growing self clinging climber or ground cover. Evergreen. Sun to Shade.

Evergreen groundcover or creeper. Ideal for cold or shaded areas. Unusual curled foliage. 2-4m Spread.

A compact plant. Ideal to use in detailed planting. Sun or shade. Evergreen. Frost hardy. Dark green

and gold foliage.

A striking self-clinging evergreen climber. Pointed golden leaves with a two tone green centre. Plant

in sunny areas for its best colour. Less colourful in shade. Height 2-3m.

A bushy variegated Ivy. Sun to shade. Non invasive. Rounder leaves than 'Glacier'

A hardy evergreen creeper with small dark green variegated leaves. Sun or shade. Ideal for pots

or hanging baskets. Non invasive.

A small leaved golden Ivy. Can be used as a creeper or slow groundcover. 2x2m spread. Ideal for pots

or in baskets.

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