Rare Plants

Rare Plants

"A traveller should be a Botanist for in all views plants form the chief embellishment"

Charles Darwin


Creating a garden with new or unusual plants is probably one of the most challenging aspects of gardening. Many keen plants-man and gardeners love the challenge of rowing and nurturing rare and exotic plants. This doesn't only take people back to places that they have visited or been to before, but often just the idea of where these plants grow and how they have evolved to adapted to such conditions that is what makes them very special.

Plant collecting is as old as the history of the world, and many of the commercial plants grown today for agriculture, horticulture or even for the pharmaceutical trade found its way via plant collectors.


Indigenous Versus Exotic

"One gardener's indigenous plant might be another's exotic plant"

The palette of plant material is so diverse that one can easily combine indigenous and exotic plants very successfully. The most important fact to keep in mind is the climatic needs and water usage of the plants used in the same area of a garden.

You have to keep in mind there are places in the world which are much drier, colder, wetter and windier than ours. Therefore there will always be plants that will grow just as well out of their natural habitat.

As soon as man start to develop an area, nature as we know it will be changed forever. Even with the best attempts it will never be the same again.

However it is always important to have "Endemic plants", plants which grow within the area naturally, this is a very important link to wildlife and to ensure a healthy environment.

Rare plants can be anything from an orchid growing in the wild in Knysna to a Bamboo plant from the Amazon, and the challenge is often to provide to all the plants needs and ensure they all thrive. The term "alien plants" does not exist in a plants-man's vocabulary, all plants are from this amazing planet, and we should use them to their full potential!

With that knowledge we have to enhance our surroundings and improve the state of our planet. We grow a range of rare and unusual plants which includes a wide range of bamboos and grasses, cold hardy shrubs and perennials, as well as trees, Agaves, Yucca and other odds and ends.

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